Pronoun Confusion

Miriam will go through the list of her friends, relatives and
acquaintances, in English and Spanish, identifying who is a girl, boy,
woman or man. (Or niña, niño, mujer, hombre. By the way she never
leaves out Kaiya and Kris after her Sosa cousins.)  I went
through the list with her and we started talking about who is a she/her
or a he/him. At first she was confused. “You’re a sheep, Mommy?” “No,
no, I’m a she. A sheep
is the same thing as a lamb.” Oh. So then she goes through the list.
“Mommy is a she, Papi is a he, Jireh is a she, Soren is a he, and
Lambie is a sheep.”

But for some reason she cannot stop calling Soren “She.” I have gently
corrected her oh, about 40,000 times, but usually she still says “she”
again. “She likes me! She’s crying! She woke up!” At least now she
starts to correct herself. “No, Soren is not a she. He. He likes me.” Which is an improvement.

This morning we got yet another variation. She came down and greeted
Soren and said “She’s smiling! No, Soren’s not a She. Soren is a Be. B
for boy!”

Here’s a photo of the Be:

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9 Responses to Pronoun Confusion

  1. Akialuz says:

    hah ha  I love language!  I was telling somebody the other day about Josh asking why he should say things in the past and the difference between hers and what he says, she’s…  ;O) she’s shoes…  and yes, now he corrects himself.  It happens in Spanish too.  Eso es de mi.  = Eso es mío.  Every day we have to correct the That is mines!  over and over…  they both say that.  And I think Aggie’s English is better than his and mine!! 
    I am planning to dress them w/ the clothe this coming Sunday.  Not the tipical Easter colors but…  they will be the best dressed!  ;o)  and I will take pictures.  I know how to keep them still don’t worry!  LOL 
    Ah; if I well remember Josh sat up by himself at 7 months.  Before I had to sit him up.  He was climbing before that!   Children are unpredicatable. 

  2. AnniWongTon says:

    That last line made me laugh. She is too funny. Its still a little difficult to understand what she says. I need to be around her more often. Thanks for having them call. Its always nice to hear their lovely voices.

  3. Anonymous says:

    haha 🙂

  4. CantSwimYET says:

    LOL. That’s so funny.
    Yes, that was Daddy’s car in the pic. We were following Daddy to go to Aunt Annie’s house one Sunday. You are observant! But I knew that already.

  5. sunlesssea says:

    oh boy. i can’t wait!

  6. Aw, precious! She, er He is adorable.I’m listening to a sermon of your Father’s right now. It rocks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh your son is adorable!! I just wanna squeeze him!That Miriam….sounds like her brain is ALWAYS spinning! How are you feeling?

  8. Momof2js says:

    Be is gorgeous – that pic should be framed.  Um, I guess if I were at your house, I’d be framing ALL your pics.
    Yep, the recent C/A is all about paedocommunion, which I’ve always be a proponent of and found it troubling that Messiah’s didn’t do it.  Our new church practices it and Joe had to work out the issue for a time and then finally embraced it wholeheartedly.  It is beautiful! 

  9. i’m sorry you are sick, too!  i think mine is about over…it is slightly there this morning, but i can ignore it.  anyhow, i did cook, haha, no wendy’s 😉  i can’t eat wendy’s chili ever since i heard about the “finger tip” they found in one (joke or not, i just can’t get passed it, haha).

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