New Day

Jireh’s under the weather, seems to be running a temperature and is
cranky. She just wants to hang out in Mommy’s bed, sleep off and on,
drink milk and watch Sesame Street DVDs – so of course I am letting
her. I hate when she’s sick but I will say it’s easier to take care of
her when she stays in one place!!
Soren is hanging out here in my arms (straining to turn and watch
Jireh’s television – starting right in) and Miriam is hanging out in
the dining room coloring in a coloring book and cutting up construction
paper with her safety scissors. That’s her preschool for the day, ha

I was going through my phonics program the other day and found I didn’t
have the ferris wheel poster and tickets I had expected to be included.
Apparently they are sold separately (bummer, I would have just bought
those for now and not the whole $300 program if I knew that!).

The way the Ferris Wheel works: the “Wheel” is really a poster where
the seats on the wheel are labeled with vowels. Then the “tickets” are
consonants and combination sounds (like th or sk) and you hold the
ticket up to the vowels all the way around, and sing the phoneme it
makes together. The kids get used to seeing the combinations of
consonants and vowels.

Now, if I were my mom, I’d get some poster board and draw my own ferris
wheel and then cut up construction paper and make tickets. But I’m me,
so I spent the $35 to order them here.
(You have to call to order.) I’m going to put it up on the wall in the
sewing room and do phonics with the girls while I’m up there.

I went to the library last night when Dave came home and yes, it was
priceless. I got about 14 books to read, all for myself, 
mostly just junk. Examples – confessions of a slacker wife, citizen girl, presumption of death. Nothing get me to bed early like a good junk book.

Jireh’s sick treatment:

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14 Responses to New Day

  1. joyandryan says:

    The Ferris Wheel sounds interesting!  Enjoy your “chick lit” — I’m always a big fan of those kinds of books.

  2. sunlesssea says:

    Are you planning to homeschool your children?

  3. Akialuz says:

    awwww!!  she looks diff in that pic.

  4. Nope, I’m really not. At least, we plan to put them in school as soon as financially and emotionally feasible. Probably not before 1st grade, and perhaps as late as 4th. I guess another way to say it is, we do plan to homeschool them, but not for very long.

  5. melsevcik says:

     We misplaced our second set of keys to the van, I so wish I could drive up and leave them in the van with the van running!!  I confess that when I get home with a car full of groceries and 2 kids, I use the hidden key to unlock the front door, unload the groceries into the house before I let the kids out!   I am always waiting for DSS to be waiting outside when I go for my next load…but so far so good.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ohh the books sound like fun! And poor Jireh…hope she feels better soon!

  7. “we do plan to homeschool them, but not for very long.”You just had to include that phrase, didn’t you? LOL.

  8. Oh sounds like a great book! I’ll have to go in search of it.Poor Jireh such a cutie.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I actually do not rub it in at all. I was born six minutes before Matthew was. I was actually pretty bruised after birth, apparently having fought Matthew to be the first one out of the womb. 🙂 Anyway, we practised a system briefly in which I had the place of honour as well as the place of responsibility whenever something needed to be done, but we eventually abandoned that system. By the way, should we be addressing you as Mrs. Hodges or Sarah? By the way, as far as educating your children, do you plan to send them to Catholic school? If you do move to Mableton, Saint Francis de Sales has a small bi-educational system, for lack of a better word. The parish school operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays mostly as reinforcement to the homeschool education received at home. The students are homeschooled on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays or according to whatever structure the parents provide for the children at home.

  10. Momof2js says:

    Despite her under-the-weatherness, that is a gorgous pic of Jireh.  Sounds like Sing, Spell, Read and Write to me. Cece gave me her set but when I opened it, I was confused and overwhelmed – and I think some of it was missing. Then, the boys got into it one day and scattered the tickets all over the basement. I’m going to make Cece sit down with me and the box this weekend because she is coming to visit!

  11. Jireh is so beautiful.
    So I should replace the glass, right? I found it on her registry. But the thing is- I said last night that I would and she got mad at me. So do I or don’t I? I think it’s the right thing to do.
    fun books… i wish we lived closer. i miss you.

  12. whiffet says:

    both of ya’ll would make great home schooling rents: dave with the math, science, and just random crap, maybe some stories, and you with your knowledge of the non-junk books you used to read…sigh, and when there’s so much good stuff out there?! no flaubert or graham greene? maybe some ralph ellison? a little tacitus?sadness.

  13. AnniWongTon says:

    Jireh is getting so pretty! I am sry that she is so sick. That makes me sad.

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