A big pile of

Yeah, you guessed it. Laundry. My bed looks kinda like Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I doubt I’ll be sewing today. We are still working without our
dishwasher (we suspect it of being related to a leak in the basement)
and so besides the sheer amount of time dishwashing takes up, between
that and all the diaper changing, my hands are cracking and painful.
Well, I guess what better time to suffer for doing good than during
Lent, right?

Compare for yourself:


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7 Responses to A big pile of

  1. lol! i’m doing the same thing only mine’s on the dining room table. at least your bed is made! judah’s still sleeping in mine. that boy is passing 12 hours by right now…

  2. Akialuz says:

    haha  you’re too funny and daring to show your laundry pile!  Anth would die if he sees that!  LOL  I keep it separate…  so it doesn’t look as much.   :op

  3. umm. it’s a mix. it’s got a lot of truths and helpful things but i wouldn’t really follow anything to the letter, just take the concept. and yes, every single paragraph makes me feel horribly guilty and resolve to do everything differently. but isn’t that good? convicting, right? i don’t know yet… because in a way it makes parenting seem like this task i will NEVER do right. one funny thing about the book is that it traces like every bad method back to the rebellion of the sixties. i keep laughing…

  4. Cecemines says:

    Want to avoid the Mt. Kilimanjaro laundry pile?  Here is a great tip I found on flylady.net a few years ago.  Put bins or boxes for each family member,  I use an Ikea shelf system, next to your washer/dryer.  Clothes come out of the dryer, folded and placed into each persons bin or labeled place on the shelf.  My kids are older so they retrieve their own clothes from their spot on the shelf (or some of them run from the shower with a towel and dress off the shelf in the basement).  No more mountains or wrinkled clothes.  By the way flylady.net is fun and helpful.

  5. lol!!
    well aunt julie gave it to me and it was helpful to her and i like her kids so let’s see…

  6. Momof2js says:

    I love that pile.  Mine lands on a chair in the living room.  Stays there all day. I fold it at night while watching junk TV.  The boys have learned that if they touch the sacred pile during the day, they are disciplined.  Well, actually that is only if I’ve started folding. I utterly freak if my work becomes undone, even if it is my own fault for leaving it out.  I think that some rules that exist purely for mommy’s convenience are just fine!

  7. the comparison shot is great, haha!

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