Random facts about the kids

Here are a few vignettes I have collected over the last several days.

Soren was being a little fussy in his bouncy seat yesterday and Jireh
said, “Soren don’t cry, I’ll get you toy, I’ll get you toy,” then when
she had run in circles about four times saying this and didn’t find a
toy, she said “I’ll give you hug,” and did.

Jireh insists on calling PB&J “peanut jelly and butter.”

Miriam and Jireh woke up this morning asking for turkey and pickles.

Jireh picked up a grape attached to the stem and said it was a purple balloon.

In the tub this morning I was washing their faces with a duck puppet
washcloth. I would ventriloquize “I’m a duck, I’m going to eat your ear
(nose, eyebrow, etc)!” Miriam asked for a turn, and when she had made
the duck eat her face, she said “No Duck,” and started grabbing her
“face” out of the duck’s beak and smacking her cheeks to put it back

Jireh’s between sizes so when she wears pants, she either steps on her cuffs or has plumber’s crack.

The girls go in my measuring cup drawer and get out metal teaspoon sets for Soren to use as a rattle, which he likes.

Miriam likes eating slices of salted raw eggplant.

Recently when the girls were playing Miriam announced to Jireh, “Jireh
I need you to feed me milk.” For the next 3 minutes solid she made
crying noises alternating with laughing noises when Jireh would step
closer with the sippy cup. Finally I enlightened Jireh that Miriam was
a baby and couldn’t talk, and she was crying because she was hungry. So
Jireh would go feed Miriam the milk and whenever she stopped, Miriam
started “crying” again.

Soren can roll over now and scoot forward and in circles. He can reach
for things and he spends hours every day playing with his hands and

I was cleaning the girls’ room with them and I asked Jireh to put away
the little baby that goes with their dollhouse. (We keep all the pieces
in the drawer at night.) So she said “The baby’s crying?” I told her
the baby was tired and needed to go to bed, so please put her in the
drawer. So Jireh toddled over to the drawer and dug around until she
found the bed, put the baby on top of it and said “Goodnight baby” and
closed the drawer.

Soren’s smile is magical. I think he has a couple of teeth coming in soon.


So I’m sitting here holding Jireh who’s crying and crying, and then she
stops crying and starts making this really annoying mouth noise
(smacking her lips) and I kept saying “Jireh will you please stop that.” Finally I look at her and her hat has been covering her eyes, but she doesn’t even know because she’s asleep! LOL.

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8 Responses to Random facts about the kids

  1. AnniWongTon says:

    All your kids are magical. I miss poker with you guys. Those were very fun facts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We’ll probly stay for like, 2 days. if that’s okay with you. I’m not sure how far away Char’s sister lives from you, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out. And of course, I’ll call you before we leave.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love hearing about your kids! I can’t wait to experience them for myself!

  4. Akialuz says:

    you remember a lot of things!  I should be ashamed.  I think I will really start a journal abt all the cute/interesting/smart/not so pleasant things they do (my children). 

  5. melsevcik says:

    If my time line is correct, eight years sounds about right.  (1998)  I don’t even remember going fishing!  Funny.  Just don’t post it, my eyes are probably closed.  BTW, I love the new pic you have of your three on your profile!! 

  6. Akialuz says:

    Awww  Jireh! 
    That is a fine idea you gave me.  I guess it’s a little late but when they wake up I’ll talk to them. ;o) 

  7. so hilarious.
    i think we’re going to the movies. the gonnellas gave us fandango dollars for christmas that we still haven’t used and it was a gift complete with babysitting. cool, huh? but i don’t know what’s playing…
    i have no idea why i call Mike love… i never thought about it. ha! what do you guys call each other?

  8. AnniWongTon says:

    Wow! That is so cute! Jireh, poor Jireh.

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