Playing bedtime

Jireh and Lambie are lying on the floor.

Miriam [covers them with “blankets”]: Now, go to sleep.
Jireh: No!
Miriam: Lambie, if you get up, I have to spank you. Three swats.
Jireh: Can I have water?
Miriam: OK, I’ll get you water. [goes inside and gets cup] Here you go, here’s your water.
Jireh: I want apple juice. [gets up]
Miriam: Don’t get up AGAIN! [walks away singing “I gotta get apple juice, I gotta get apple juiiiiice.” Comes back.] Here’s your apple juice. [Puts cup to her own mouth and drinks noisily, then hands the cup to Jireh] All gone.
Jireh gets up, briefly sits on Lambie, then walks away humming to herself, leaving Lambie asleep on the floor.

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  1. That actually sounds pretty accurate.

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