Enough of that stuff

Today feels like Thursday. I thought it was until I looked at the calendar.

Yesterday I changed sheets, washed and dried my comforter, did a few
other loads of laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, swept up the kitchen
floors, wiped down and oiled the dining room table and chairs,
including taking off and washing the booster seats, and various other
tasks. After all that I was too tired to sew. But I hope to get
upstairs shortly. Breakfast and lunch are both completed and I just
have to put another load through.

I went upstairs to survey the sewing room briefly and I thought the
girls were safely destroying their bedroom. But when I came down I
discovered it was actually Miriam in her room making enough noise for
two, and Jireh was having lots of fun unrolling toilet paper into the
toilet. Now why don’t we adults think of simple, fun things like that?
I have been getting less annoyed and more amused by the things they
think of.

In the meantime, Miriam can’t get enough of dress-up. She found the
picture of me on my wedding day and told Dave “I found a picture of
Mommy Princess!” She is getting so good about pronouns. She even told
me today as she and Jireh huddled under a blanket, “We’re hiding!”
Sounds pretty basic, I know. But I’m excited about it anyway. Jireh was
petulantly telling me she didn’t want her lunch, but it came out like
this: “Don’t WANT wun. Ch.” (with the “ch” as an afterthought.)

By the way, Søren’s teething. How do I even know this? He bites on his fingers and drools a lot. No fussing though. What a kid.

OK, first to the basement and then to the sewing room. It looks like
spring – daffodils growing in our front yard and our entire front yard
covered by different kinds of birds – but I’m still going to put
Miriam’s coat together just in case it’s cold again on Sunday. Wish me

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6 Responses to Enough of that stuff

  1. Akialuz says:

    I love bilingual kiddies! ;o)  I hope it’s cold (there) just so that your time is not wasted. :o)
    Haha!  Toilet paper…  Joshua jsut asked me the other day why don’t I put the toilet paper where it really belongs.  I put it up high.  And I had to explain to him that when he was smaller he would play with it (I only let him do that once) so I have to keep it high so Aggie doesn’t play with it.

  2. GOod luck in the sewing room cleaning speed demon.

  3. okay, will try. I wish it would have it that way in the book, I was just going through front to back. I don’t see why they can’t just have A B C and then Am Bm Cm and on like that. It would make more sense.

  4. Anonymous says:

    haha I knew you would like that! Actually I haven’t been…but I miss when you used to rent them from netflix.

  5. holliep says:

    imagine the messes our kids could make together 🙂

  6. quinetiam says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but what with this free hotel toilet paper, I’m unrolling it into the toilet every chance I get!

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