Update on the potty training (faint of heart need not read on)

So far Miriam has not had another wet diaper since I brought home the potty Saturday. She woke up and went on the potty, and she even went on the toilet yesterday the whole time we were at my mother in law’s house. Thanks for all the encouragement. It certainly seems to be working! At least I only need to use 1-2 pullups for the whole day. (She has refused point blank to go #2 in the potty and even said she would “not make stinky EVER” when I asked her to go in the potty).

Drawback yesterday, Jireh (15 minutes before we were aiming to leave for church) decided to go #2 on the potty and missed it by about 3 inches. Then she proceeded to track it around the carpet in the 1.5 minutes I happened to be upstairs getting their dresses out of the closet. These kids.

Yesterday (because we didn’t have the potty seat with us) I bribed Miriam to use the toilet by giving her a treat from my MIL’s pantry every time she went. Toward the end of the day she asked my MIL for some applesause and then didn’t eat it, so my MIL told her no to the next snack request, saying “No, you didn’t eat your applesauce so I’m not going to open something else for you.” Tricky Miriam then went straight to the potty, mustered up a small trickle of #1, and then came requesting her reward. So of course I had to give her something. She went back to my MIL with a mouth full of Mento and started gloating. My MIL said to her “Are you saying Ha Ha Nanny Boo Boo to me, Miriam?” Miriam looked at her and replied, “Ha Ha Ha Hallelujah.”


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