In which the toddlers turn into monkeys, and Miriam surprises us all

Well, amidst all the usual nonsense my kids put me through there have been bright spots, as always.

Starting with the former, we have Miriam’s climbing up via couch cushions onto the kitchen counter (where there’s about 2 inches of space in front of the microwave as a foothold) in order to secure some mini-M&M’s from the top shelf of the cabinet above. Funny thing was, she didn’t eat them, but set them on the counter, and came in to ask me if she could have some candy. Hmm.

Of course, Jireh gets into my purse on a regular basis – she climbs on barricades of her making, or on my chair to my desk to reach the top of the hutch – and so as usual, I’m completely cleaned out of any gum or mints I might otherwise have owned. (How much gum can a person ingest before it’s really bad for them? What if they weigh 20 pounds or so? Grr…)

It was in the 30s on Sunday so I thought, “Wow, there is more winter left! I will make the girls fur coats.” I spent two days tracing and cutting out a pattern for the coats. Well, the next day I went in the room and was about to start cutting out the coat fabric, and found that a sprite had gotten into the sewing room and used my scissors to cut up the pattern. I was able to tape it together but needless to say I rather lost my voice for a few minutes due to momentary overuse. And by the way, since the day I started cutting out the coat, it’s been 70 degrees in the daytime.

But then there are the sweet moments. Miriam has been asserting her independence lately, and it’s been exhausting to deal with her constant frustration at being asked to submit to her parents. I do this role-play thing, speaking as if I were her. I ask her to do something and if I see hesitation I say, “Of course I will obey you, Mommy, because I love you and I’m happy to do what you ask.” Today I asked her to do something that she didn’t want to do (get ready for bed while she was in the middle of playing) and I was taken completely aback by her response: “Yes, Mommy, I will obey you, I love you Mommy!”

There are just so many days where I think “I’m just not getting through. What more can I possibly do?”  And then, a little ray of sunshine. Reminds me that it’s not in my timing that the promises will bear fruit. I’m blogging about it now so you can remind me later.

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