Laughing our way through the Catechism

It’s right after lunchtime in the Hodges household.

Me: Who made the world?
Miriam (very earnestly and deliberately): Who made the world?
Me: Uh, ok. God made the world.
Miriam: God made the world. (looks very pleased with herself.)
Me: OK now Miriam, I am going to ask you ‘Who made the world’ and then you say “God made the world.” OK?
Miriam: OK, Mommy.
(repeat this scenario 3 times.)

Fastforward to dinner tonight. I tell Dave that Miriam learned a new catechism question today. So he gets out the book and starts from the first question.

Dave: Who made the world?
Miriam: Who made the world?
Jireh: God made world.
(Dave and I whip our heads around toward Jireh, whip towards each other, eyes saying “Did you hear that? Yes!”)
Dave: Who is God?
Miriam: Who is God?
Jireh: God uh uh Crater uh uh Heaven uh uh Uff uhhh… and Jireh and Mommy and Papi and Miriam and Soren!!

(The actual answer is “God is the Creator of heaven and earth and of all things.”)

Currently listening… Miriam talking to her baby brother.

“Hi, Soren! Hi, little guy! I love you. You love me, don’t you? Don’t you? Hey, he took my finger! (giggles) Don’t pull my hair! hee hee. Hey, he burped! He burped. Hello. You are just a wittle bit guy. I love you.”

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