Scatology 101

Yeah, so sometimes I feel like I change way too many diapers before
noon. Starting this morning during what I would have assumed was a
dream were it not for the very real smell. More recently in the
day,  Jireh decided to take off her own dirty diaper and Miriam
brought it down to me, followed by Jireh, who I then had to clean off
in the shower. I had Dave check for upstairs damage.

Doody calls. (Again.) Later y’all.

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6 Responses to Scatology 101

  1. Yes, Sarah!  I did get the dress…thank you so much!  I am so sorry, I have been meaning to email you since I have been a bit absent from Xanga lately.  I really appreciate your sending it up, I didn’t anticipate that you would be mailing it!  As soon as Abby is walking, I think I am going to send you some fabric if you would have the time to make me some.  I hope all is well for you guys!

  2. yeah, I got that Cd at a garage sale for $1…theere is nothing wrong with it, I don’t know why it was so cheap

  3. Akialuz says:

    Potty train!!!!!!!!  haha  j/k  I am so not looking forward to dirty diapers!!  aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! 

  4. BalletdBeth says:

    eck I think today is national poo day….I had someone leave a mess for me in the store bathroom today why I was there working…..

  5. joyinvanity says:

    That is funny! Especially, “Doody calls.” Especially considering that despite my age and alleged maturity, EV-ER-EE time someone says, “duty calls,” I think, “HeeHee! Doody calls!” My hubby always looks at me immediatley if anybody says it around us! Sorry you’re doin’ the doo!!!

  6. joyinvanity says:

    I mean, “immediately.” I hate when I do that!

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