You got the right one baby, uh huh

It occurs to me over and over how the closer certain Protestants move toward the truth, the more they start to look like Catholics. My background is Reformed Christian – the continental European variety. As the better ones of the Reformed group are growing in grace and faith and the knowledge of Scripture, they rail against certain phenomena in evangelicalism (and also in the Reformed body who happen to be less right). Just for kicks I am going to start a list – which I’m sure I can add onto over time – of the things they are striving for that hey, whaddya know, already exist in the Catholic church.

Baptism signifies Christ’s ownership and is the objective beginning of your responsibilities as a Christian, not that you had a “conversion experience” Baptismal regeneration
Infant baptism Christening babies
Profession of faith entry into communion Confirmation
Not just one “decision for Jesus,” but continual “conversion” and every decision for Jesus. Sacrament of Reconciliation
The Lord’s Supper is an efficacious means of grace. Eucharist
Sola Fide isn’t all there is to the story, you must demonstrate the obedience of faith. Faith working through love.
The Bible didn’t just drop out of heaven into our laps, nor is it God, it’s the story of God’s working toward His people in history. The Church gave us the Bible and by the same token, can continue to inform our faith and practice.
You must attend church on Sundays. Sunday and holy day mass obligation
Tradition ain’t all bad. Sacred Tradition

Christians should live in communities. Oh yeah, the parish system.
Provide your kids with a Christian, not state, education. And by the way it  is better if it isn’t co-ed. Parish schools anyone? While you’re at it why not add Catholic colleges?
Churches should have the ethnic makeup of the community around them. Any Catholic parish I’ve ever been to demonstrates this!

The sheer number of resources available to me as a Catholic, that we would have had to search far and wide for as a Protestant of the Reformed ilk (which I still maintain is the best of the bunch) excites me so. Local schools, activities, the number of local establishments that are Catholic that we can happily support, not to mention books and videos (such as CCC, where we as Protesants bought the whole set of animated Bible story videos for our children), the ease with which one can find a place to worship when traveling… the list goes on. The Catholic Church truly is universal. What a comforting thing to have.


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