Dave has a full time job opportunity based out of Washington, DC, where
he would be able to work from home. If he gets the job he will need to
go to Washington DC for training for a couple of weeks.

Anybody want to come stay with me for a few weeks to help out with the kids?

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  1. sunlesssea says:

    I’ll send Sarah if Dave will let me in on the job.

  2. i had to tell you kaiya was strolling her double this morning and saying, “No, I said DAVE Hodges!”  haha ~ i have no clue why or what it was about.  and that is so cute about miriam saying she was kaiya 🙂  i love their little friendship!

  3. Akialuz says:

    ‘Luck w/ the job!  Hope you find company…

  4. We will be in GA in late April for Maryanne’s wedding. When would he be away?

  5. whiffet says:

    Well, that was definitely the reason back then. Do you know his history? Everyone hated him, except for like one guy. And he gets mention in this essay.He was ugly, short, disfigured, and, above all–Catholic: in a very Protestant England. He had no friends. So while, everyone was hating him, he was making fun of them with these ridiculously brilliant heroic couplets.What a life!

  6. whiffet says:

    Yeah, he had a horrible life. English anti-Catholic laws at the time added to his already cursed existence. He had tuberculosis of the bones which disfigured him–and he was ugly–but brilliant. He took out his literary rage on critics and writers in his essays and ‘epics’–and his poems are just glorious. I think David is a big fan. Talk to him about Pope if you wish.

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