growing a little each day

Jireh hijacks my cell phone and runs away. Flip open. “Hi. Yeah. Bye.” Flip closed. This over and over as many times as possible before I catch up with her.

When you say “Hi, Jireh!” she says “Hi, Jireh!”
Also, she calls Miriam “Jireh” all day and Miriam just answers her. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, since when Miriam is missing, Jireh will walk around yelling “Meeyum! Meeyum!” And when you say “Where’s Jireh?” she runs up to you and smiles. So I don’t know what to make of this whole identity crisis thing. Except I do think her penchant to repeat every single thing has helped build her vocabulary by leaps and bounds, so it can’t be all bad.

Miriam has been going around dressed as a princess every single day since we got home. Yesterday she made my mom say hello to her My Little Pony dolls. “Say hi pony. Say hi pony orange. Say hi grandma.” She is also obsessed with Carmex and chapstick and goes around asking where her lips are.

She’s also been acting like a teenager lately. I tell her not to do something, and she explains why I’m wrong, and considers her word to be final. In her infinite 3 year old wisdom, she has spoken and put to rest any mistaken notions Mommy might have had. I am having flashbacks of when I was a teenager and I did the same thing to my mom. And I’m swearing to myself that as far as it depends on me, I will disabuse her of this notion before she turns 16! And feeling pretty guilty for all the times I’ve done it to my mom.

On a nicer note (ha, pun), Miriam can sing almost the whole Gloria Patri by heart. She does that young child pitch thing where as soon as the note goes up more than a few steps, she overreaches and sings about a third higher than she needs to in falsetto.

Sometimes – ok, a lot of times – I wish my kids were perfect, and hit every milestone well in advance of the rest of the population. But overall I’m just glad for the imperfections that make them who they are.

‘Course, it would be nice to have a maid for all the messes along the way.

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