my new best friend

Baking soda.

Use it for a wet dishcloth wash – takes the sour smell right out. Or sprinkle it right on the washcloth in the sink. Or your string mop.

Sprinkle on used pots & pans, add a few drops of vinegar … no scrubbing required.

Put a little in the bottom of the empty garbage pail.

Add it to sour cream and watch it bubble… then add to pancakes or quick breads.

There are so many uses. I am loving it right now. I buy generic and it’s like 68 cents per box. Guess you can still buy something useful with a dollar.

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3 Responses to my new best friend

  1. Esther says:

    Have you ever read the book, Supper of the Lamb? This post reminded me of it because he has an “ode to baking soda” in the book. I really think you would enjoy reading it.

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