15 Minute Day

Today is a 15 minute day. That is when I turn on my timer for 15
minutes and refuse to get distracted by another room in the house until
the timer beeps or I’m done. That is what I do when I have so many
different things to do. It’s truly amazing how much you can get done in
just a few 15 minute increments.

My parents are coming over for dinner tonight (they’re in town on
business for the short weekend) so I have to get everything
straightened and wash the kids and make dinner, and get ready for the
Lord’s Day as well.

Toys are such a crock most of the time. My kids prefer to play with my
household items. They have just completed “cooking” (getting out my
measuring cups and stirring air with my measuring spoons) and are now
eating their obviously delectable creations.

Well my 15 minutes are almost up (I’m multitasking, nursing and xanga!) so I have to be off to the next activity.

Silliness of the Day

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8 Responses to 15 Minute Day

  1. Akialuz says:

    I am going to try that!  (the 15 mins)  It took me almost a whole day to get my bedroom and the tiny “hallway”  done.  And this time I refused to move all the furniture…

  2. I’ve got to try that. 15 minute thing.I get distracted way to easily. Way to hard to get stuff done.Have a nice time with your parents tonight.

  3. joyinvanity says:

    I love the 15 minute thing, too! I have been doing it all week (because I was neglectful during the holidays and recently have been working so much), and have thrown away and donated so much stuff (many toys for the same reason you talked about), and have put so many rooms in order (even unseen parts! Yay!), and it feels sooo good — especially when I force myself to look upon what I have accomplished and rejoice in the fruitfulness God granted, rather than thinking of the things I didn’t get done (which are still many!)! Godspeed! Glad you get to see your parents again!

  4. haha for the pictureand anotherhahafor the radiohead wedding music—close but no cigar

  5. AnniWongTon says:

    That is a great pic. Søren looks very pretty.

  6. sunlesssea says:

    Soren’s a buttrocker! I bet you have him dressed in spandex pants, too.

  7. whiffet says:

    thanks for the sentiments.

  8. lol~ hilarious!  how was the visit w/your parents?

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