Understatement of the Year (Home sweet Home)

Thanks for all the prayers!

I don’t remember being this excited in a very, very long time. I’m so glad to see my house again. The first thing we did (before we even turned on the heat) was Dave went over to the piano and I tried to get the girls to join me in a “happy home dance.” They didn’t go for it too much, though. They sorta remembered my promise of the last 45 minutes of the trip to get them drinks when we walked in the door.

As you can see, Miriam didn’t waste any time changing into her princess costume,
and the car threw up on the living room floor.

This is the mail that was waiting for us.

And, finally… (drumroll please)… Do you think I brought home enough bagels?

(Georgia friends and relatives, please don’t get any ideas, there are just enough for me. )

I am really really excited to be home. Just getting here gave me this intense burst of energy which is odd since we’ve been in the car for 16 hours.

Off to enjoy my house. Blog at ya later.

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