We had a nice time of visiting family in Florida! The unmarried kids stayed at my grandparents’ with Miriam and Jireh, and the married kids got their own hotel rooms, but since I didn’t have Dave with us, I shared a room with Soren. We each got our own bed and it was really strange to be able to go to bed with almost no demands on my time! And privacy! A nice mini-vacation for me, even though I still had Soren with me, but he is so good and undemanding right now, it didn’t really detract from it. But I was thinking about how weird it would be to really be alone for a few nights – no kids or husband, just me. The closest I get to “me-time” right now in my life is a bubble bath (which I do fairly frequently) but more often than not, Miriam is sitting outside the door crying (if I remember to lock it) or comes in the bathroom to chat with me (if I don’t).

My grandmother is amazing — she just had bones in every limb smashed in a car accident, and yet with her pins and metal plates, she still manages to run around like she always has, bustling and busying herself with serving others amidst the constant cries of protest — “Sit down, Ma!” from my mom; “Sit down, Gram!” from us;  “Siddown, Verdina! You know she wonders why she hurts at the end of the day!” from my grandfather.

Søren (he looks so fat in pictures!)

Miriam and Judah on the plane

Me taking a nap with Jadon and Søren… and Anna

Me taking violin lessons…                              …from Maestro Miriam

I see your true colors shinin’ thru…

Grandma Jessie holding Jireh … Søren



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