Fashion queen – and other stories

Miriam was dressed today in a black skirt, black turtleneck and charcoal patterned tights. She asked me, “Please may I have shoes on Mommy?” I went to get her sneakers and put them on her, and she started to cry. “Please, may I have the black shoes on, Mommy?” I put on her black patent leathers and boy was she happy. She went twirling around the kitchen modeling her black shoes for all and sundry. I’m slightly gratified to have a daughter with fashion taste, even if it does carry the corrollary that she is opinionated.

Things are going well here. I have finally uploaded the pictures we’ve taken so far: a few from our stop in Roanoke, VA on the way up here, and some from today.

Jireh and Miriam have been watching Veggie Tales at my mother in law’s house and they are both obsessed with the VT in different ways. Jireh sings constantly day and night, “Eh oo uh oo talk to ahMAYto, eh uh quass uh make you MILE!!” (from the veggie tales theme song – “if you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile…”) And Miriam is constantly talking to herself and anyone who will listen about Bob the Tomato, which sounds like this: “Bobatato, Bobatato. Say ‘Bobatato.'” If she sees anything red or the letter B she starts all over again. Just now she told me, “Bobatato has a sister.” She even draws very passable imitations of Bob as well as of Larry the Cucumber.

I’ll post the pictures and get out of here… Mommy’s making chicken cutlets. Now I remember why I came to Brooklyn.


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