It’s our last day here. Tomorrow we will be here for part of the day but we are leaving after lunch/dinner to start the drive home.

I have so much packing to do — I really tried to keep my stuff consolidated in my room, but being here 3 weeks, it was kind of hard to maintain – so I feel like I have stuff all over the house that I need to retrieve. Plus I am worried how we will fit everything in the car (I’m taking back a set of china in 2 boxes that was my great-grandmother’s, plus the other acquired stuff).

I don’t know if it’s just being pregnant but I find myself less and less motivated to do anything from going shopping to meeting up with a friend. If it requires me leaving the house, or sometimes, even if it doesn’t, I have started to be relieved when anything gets canceled, preferring the relaxing atmosphere of just being home with nothing special to do and nowhere special to be. I am starting to have flashbacks of when we made fun of my mom for being the same way. We used to tease her that she never left the house and was going to get vitamin D deficiency. Guess it’s true that we all, eventually, turn into our mothers. I couldn’t imagine that happening to me, not 10 years ago anyway. I thought I was too much a clone of my dad. But, turns out the inevitable really is inevitable after all.

OK enough procrastinating. Got to get going. Maybe I’ll make another list. No, Sarah, no more lists, just go do it already. Alright, alright!

Pictures of the girls in the I Heart NY t-shirts we bought them yesterday:







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  1. LeahLove83 says:

    It’s totally the pregnancy. I remember (well duh, it was 2 weeks ago…) that the whole pregnancy, practically, i would be really relieved when plans got cancelled cause i just hated to move… I also hated people looking at me and didn’t like to go anywhere at all. Michael was begging to go to the movies the whole last trimester and i wouldn’t. 😦 i let him go with esther, though. Anyway, the point is, i’m not like that anymore! so you only have a couple of weeks left of “unmotivation.”xoxo

  2. CantSwimYET says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely a pregnancy thing, trust me…I would know.
    I hope you’re not entirely happy to be going home. I am sad. 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sarah, you are way too cute pregnant. I’m jealous. I hate doing anything lately, but that could be because Ria’s making me pay for gas now?! hehe  Congrats on your third, we’re going to wait a while for our third. Hopefully. The Lord had different plans with our second so I guess you never know.  God Bless-Kat

  4. AnniWongTon says:

    I miss you already! Come back Sarah and bring your girls and your silly husband! Well, I want to visit you guys soon, so maybe one day we can figure out what time is the best time! I love you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxAnna Dear!

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