What a great day! Dave and I haven’t kicked around Manhattan like that since we were engaged. It was so fun to just walk around semi-aimlessly and take the adventures as they came.

We drove in, and started out our walk by going to St Patrick’s Cathedral (see photo) but were too late to observe 1pm mass. We went to Saks Fifth Avenue next door, where we selected a Vera Wang fragrance (Sheer Veil) that Dave bought me for my birthday. We took a look at Bergdorf Goodman’s too, just to check out the Valentino suits for Dave, but they don’t carry his size in 3 piece suits (yeah, that was why we didn’t spend $4395 on a suit today!). We ate at Rue 57 and had a light lunch of sushi and salad. We killed some time over at Steinway & Sons, where Dave played some beautiful pianos. Then we went to 5:30 service at St Thomas Episcopal church, which we had encountered on our walk down 5th avenue. We were thrilled to see they (obviously conservative Episcopals) were using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, the same one we use in our continuing Anglican parish. After service we walked to 52nd and 8th and had an amazing Cuban dinner at Victor’s Cafe – paella, shrimp enchiladas and YUMMY sangria.

We got lost on the way home due to my misdirection. See, yesterday when I drove Dave home from the airport, the signs said we could either get on the Grand Central toward Eastern Long Island or West, toward the Triboro Bridge. I was thinking, why would we go to eastern long island from Queens? I was sure we wanted the opposite direction to get back toward Brooklyn. Well we are chatting away, happy to be reunited, when suddenly I realize we are on a bridge going to the Bronx. Long story short, it cost us $9 in tolls and about 30 minutes of detour time.

So today, we were driving home from Manhattan, and I got us beautifully to the BQE – then was confronted with another choice of signage. This time it was “Belt Pkwy toward Eastern Long Island” or “BQE – toward Staten Island.” I said, “Oh definitely Staten Island because the Belt starts at exit 1 after the BQE and the Verrazano Bridge is exit 3.” So then after Dave changes about 3 lanes of traffic and it’s too late to go back, I realize with dread the BQE gets right onto the VZ bridge and we were about to make another costly mistake. Fortunately there was an exit before the bridge, but then we ended taking another “detour” through Sunset Park. I sure got my share of learning Brooklyn first hand this week.

Here are the photos… off to bed now, my feet are killing me!!





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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow it sounds and looks like you had a GREAT day!!! Well im glad you enjoyed yourself!! After such a long day, I hope your relaxing!See you Sunday! šŸ™‚

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