Driving me crazy

Just got back from a ridiculous driving experience in Brooklyn. For some reason my sisters have chosen to live in seemingly opposite ends of Brooklyn from each other and from my parents’ house. I could have made it ok from my parents’ house to a sister’s, and back without a problem – it was going from Beccah’s to Leah’s that was confusing. No street goes straight through to anywhere else, some avenues disappear altogether, and some show their faces when they are not wanted, and in the most unlikely spots to boot.

Not to mention, when you don’t know where you are going in Brooklyn, people tend to get a little impatient, which contributes to the overall feeling of raw nerves that is already present. Add that to crazy drivers and sudden all-way stop signs, and oh yes, confusing directions from your passengers such as the following:

Sister A: “Don’t stay in the left lane. You have to make a left.”
Me: “I want to make a left?”
Sister: “You will if you stay in this lane.”
Me: “I’m not in the left lane. Do you want me to turn right or left?”
Sister: “You have to get in the other lane.” [there are 3 lanes at this point, i am in the middle one]
Me: “I have to make a right or a left?”
Sister: “You have to make a right. That’s what I said.”

Or this one, when I was stopped at a stop sign.

Me: “Where do I go now?”
Sister B: “Sa, hurry up there are people behind you.”
Me: “Straight?”
Sister: “Yes, straight.”
I look left, right, drive forward.
Sister (panicked): “Sarah! This isn’t an all way stop!! You have to stop at the stop sign!”
Me: “That is what I WAS doing when you told me to go because there were people behind me.”

My best friend from high school is right now taking the subway here from her apartment in Manhattan, so she can visit with me and my sisters, and meet my daughters and see my belly. In about 10 minutes she will call for a lift from the station. Sigh. I hope that gives me enough time to recuperate and face the neighborhood streets again.

Or, I just might have my mom drive me to get her. Yeah, that sounds like a better idea.

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