Mommy’s flight was on time and she arrived safely! We had a late dinner when she got home; Esther made spaghetti & meatballs. For some reason Esther won’t come home with me to Georgia, even though I keep asking her to. Anna can’t, either – she is going to be teaching at the new church school starting next week. (Anna can cook, too! The little china girl made a bona fide Italian dinner just the other day!) So I guess the only question left is, Does anyone know how to find an illegal Mexican woman for hire?

I am going to try to visit a friend from Morgan Stanley today. She has a little girl just a month younger than Miriam, named Samantha, and they are having a barbecue today so she invited me to stop by with my girls. She lives in Queens. Guess I had better call her for directions if I want to get to her house.

Dave is visiting a friend in South Carolina for the day today – he got there last night – so he will be driving later on tonight to get home in time to go to church tomorrow. We are both in the choir at our church and it’s a small choir, so having us both gone makes a difference.

Well, it’s good to have Mommy back: she is making pancakes right now! The rest of the week we have been surviving on semi-stale bagels and cold cereal… I know my girls are going to like the change. So excuse me while I go eat the most important meal of the day.


We were able to stop by the barbecue for a couple of hours. It took me 45 minutes to get there and the same to get home. It was good to see Stacy again, we were such close friends when we worked together.

Photos from today:

Me and Stacy:



Stacy’s daughter Samantha with Miriam and Jireh:



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Im not mexican, but I’ll come to Georgia …..yes, yes I know that raises the problem of “what about jared?”…..its not like i see him during the week anyway! So yea, I’ll come and you dont even have to pay me! lolPancakes sounds gooooood. Hope you have fun at your friends barbecue….See you tomorrow~kelly~

  2. CantSwimYET says:

    What can i say? Nothing! Hope you had a good time at Stacy’s! 🙂

  3. AnniWongTon says:

    Those babies are SO cute! I can eat them up! I think I am gonna take your suggestion and write a new post about my family. What to say, what to say… I rather not talk bad about you guys, that would be too mean. I rather tell you in person!

  4. AnniWongTon says:

    Maybe I could come anyway. I could have someone fill in for me those few days. hmm… good idea Anna! *Pats herself on the back*

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