Good morning to all my fans! I’m on day 11 without Dave and still have 7 days till he gets back to NY. I am hoping to get Daddy’s office finished by tomorrow night when Mommy gets home – so maybe next week I can tackle another room with her!

I have been in NY for almost 2 weeks and in that time have grown out of almost all my pants due to my rapidly expanding belly. I have been getting away with wearing Jed’s pajama pants but that won’t do for going out in public. So, I may have to get a new pair soon. If I were home I would just sew myself a pair; I bought a Kwik Sew pattern for that purpose — but without my serger and notions I am at a loss. Anyway, purchasing fabric in New York would probably be more expensive than buying a new pair of Mimi Maternity pants. And finding a fabric store in the first place – well, I’ve tried it in Brooklyn before. Not easy.

Maybe I will get some photos of the girls up here later.

More anon.


I’m back with a couple of photos:

Miriam doing phonics on the internet:



Jireh getting into the good stuff:



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is a long trip! Im sure your family is loving it! being without the husband for any period of time is hard….:(Anyway, I cant believe how big both Miriam and Jireh are! They are both SOO adorable!see you sunday

  2. CantSwimYET says:

    Lol. Let’s go shopping! 🙂 I won’t try one-upping Anna’s comment like you suggested. I’ll just second it!

  3. CantSwimYET says:

    Oh, the only part I don’t 2nd is the part that says:Dear Sarah, dear dear Sarah! You know why its taken me so long to post here? Hmm… lets me count the ways. Well first off I have to make sure there’s absolutly no correction so that I don’t have to send another comment to correct my mistake. No, I am just kidding. I am so glad you are on here, so that I can always talk to you. You know, phones are just so personal! hahaha! I love you very much, and I am glad you are staying with us for this perios of time. You are SO funny! You make me laugh constantly.Much love!your favorite asian sister, AnnaP.S. Its a little late to check this. I am gonna trust myself and trust that you know “humans make mistakes.”But other than that, I completely agree.

  4. AnniWongTon says:

    Huh? Did I miss something? Or is this another one of those Esther-isms? Or whatever!

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