Area Family has Second Child

[Cumming, GA] The H— family recently had their second child earlier to-day. Whilst waiting in her car seat before the trip to the hospital, their first child Miriam [18 months] remarked, “I’m excited at the prospect of having a little sister.”


The first stages of the 12-hour labour began at sunrise and by mid-morning, the expecting mother and father had arrived at the hospital. By all accounts, the labour was without complications and the delivery was swift. “We were astonished at the remarkable strength and composure that Sarah [ 26] had through the end,” recalls one of the nurses.


Facts to Remember

Birthdate: 18 July 2004
Time: 1648 hours, Eastern Daylight Time
Mass: 3800 grammes
Length: 54 centimetres


Behind the Name

Says David [26], “Though we endured many hardships and trials this past year, the Good Lord in His mercy has always given us our daily bread. Her name is a reminder of God’s enduring lovinglindness: Jireh Constance – The Lord, our constant provider.”



Sarah is doing well and Jireh is “healthy and beautiful” according to the nursing staff. Both parents are very happy with their newest addition. David was particularly grateful for the smooth delivery, and thanked his friends and family for their prayers.

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One Response to Area Family has Second Child

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Happy birthday Jireh!
    Your smile makes the world a more beautiful place!

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